Why Keller Williams Reality in Brentwood is Different

Here is a great blog from Shawn Rauls: He is a successful Leader in KW Altlanta Region. He owns severals offices. This is a long read. However, my obligation to you is Education & Motivation.

Especially when most Agents are checking out for the year. If you want to make 100k in 2011. I hope you realize that you need to make at least 175k for taxes and expenses. Are you prepared for that? It all starts with YOUR state of mind.‏

“Get your value on”


In the book, “The Diamond Cutter,” an explanation is given to the Buddhist term, “empty,” which, I, personally, never knew until I read this book. It says that nothing has value until someone places a value on it. No circumstance has value. No product, place or thing has value until someone determines in their own mind that there is a value to them. This inevitably means that different people can place different values on the same things at the same time. One person can deem something worth “x” while another person can value the same thing at more than, or less than “x.” In its simplest form, the concept of emptiness means that each of us has the power to choose what has value in our life, and what doesn’t. It means that we can pay a lot – with our time, our energy, our emotions, our money – or we can pay a little, if anything at all.

There’s no doubt that what we give attention to, we give value to. This is precisely why Gary Keller’s recommended response to the question, “How’s the market?” is “Why do you ask?” It doesn’t matter what the market is doing unless you are buying or selling.

The whole idea of “value” in this sense is one of the things that I find particularly opportunistic in this market. There is so much information that is over-generalized, misguided and simply bad, even though it may be well-intended. Finding the logical pieces of the information puzzle and sharing it with people so that they can see and capitalize on the opportunities in the market today is exciting because creating value out of logic is a vastly underutilized strategy among Realtors and our clients and customers. When we step back and look at what drives business, it is emotion. In a seller’s market buyers are fearful of not moving fast enough; in a buyer’s market they’re fearful of moving too fast. Fear is the number one motivator of product sales in the marketing and advertising world. Perhaps we should spend more time on helping people be afraid of fearing the wrong things?

A wealthy person once told me that he looks at what most of the population is doing and he tries to do the opposite. He said, “Most people tend to do what they feel, not what they should do.” In essence, he looks for the logical counter to emotional moves…and he profits from doing so.

I’ve spent the past few weeks in Atlanta, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut teaching logical strategies to win in an emotional market. We’ve been discussing where value and opportunity live and how to make the most of it by coming up with every conceivable way to profit from the “markets of the moment.” What’s critically obvious to me is that too few agents are finding confidence in noticing the opportunities in the market and helping their clients and customers place a “value” on these opportunities by getting off the sideline and getting in the game. There’s a fortune to be made in this business by those who place a high value on the right people and the right things.

Too many people are using the headlines of the day to determine their course of direction, rather than employing a long-term, wealth building strategy. Too many inexperienced buyers are deciding not to buy because they are evaluating properties like they are going to buy and flip their home, when they should be focused on the benefits that home ownership will provide them by staying in it for the next 5 to 7 years. Too many baby boomers – who are very much okay – are not considering pulling funds from their healthy nest eggs to purchase investment real estate for cash in order to maximize their returns on their money. Too many of our clients are missing the chance to own more than one home because they are not investors and no one has ever shown them how to or why they should include real estate in their family’s wealth building plans. Too many people are going into foreclosure without ever listing their homes For Sale, when they should be talking to a real estate professional about the many different options that may be available to them. Too many people are idle candidates to sell their home and purchase a bigger home in this market for a financial gain because no one has shown them the advantages that are available to move-up buyers with current home prices and interest rates. All of these are lead generation opportunities that should be valued by real estate agents and buyers and sellers alike. Agents should be bursting with excitement to find these people and share all of the valuable opportunities that are available in the market today. If you place value on these things, you will find clients who do, too.

If you are waiting for your clients to come to you because they see value in the market, you could wait a long time. Your clients need you to show them where the value is and how they can take advantage of the logical opportunities that exist right now, in spite of the headlines that may scream otherwise. Move your people off of the sidelines and into the game. Doing so will inevitably make you one of your client’s most valuable wealth determiners!

There are winners and there are whiners. Some see the glass half empty, while others see it half full. Some find the logical value In the market, while others find no value.

Empty? I don’t think so.

Your #1 Fan…