When do we know its bottom?

Potentail homebuyers in Oakley, Brentwood and Discovery Bay seem to be waiting for the bottom to occur. Most people are looking for bargins and dont want to spend more than they have to but there are a few things to consider. First is nobody knows when the bottom is until it has passed and things are going up again. One way to look at it is that if you find your dream home now and plan on being in it for more than say 5 years now is an excellent time to buy. Second if interest rates go up, the cost of your loan may offset any savings that are realized by waiting much longer. So the bottom line is with inventory at record high levels a home buyer can find their dream home, get an excellent deal and sit back and ride out the storm. For more information or a booklet for homebuyers contact “Team Elite” at 925 392-4131