Home (4 sale) for the Holidays

Many home sellers wonder if they should continue to market their home through the holidays. Beleive it or not this can be a simple decision. One of the first things you must ask yourself is do I/we like to put out a lot of holiday decorations. If you are currently trying to sell your home your agent has probaly told you that to many “things” around the house can be a distraction to a potential home buyer. Home sellers must “de-clutter” so potential buyers can see the house not the stuff. With inventories remaining very high one of the market correcting factors right now would be a reduction in inventory. So if we can reduce inventory over the holidays therefore increaseing buyer pressure, this may lead to a better sellers condition in the spring after the holidays. The inverse of this is that if you keep your home on the market, most likely only serious home buyers are out looking this time of year so if you must sell your home keeping it on the market over the ho;lidays is recomended. for more information call “Team Elite” at 925 392-4131