Final walk through inspection (part 1)

The california association of realtors has an as-is clause in the contract that states that the property shall be in the same condition “as-is” was on tne day the buyer viewed the property and wrote a contract. It is differant than the as-is clause that says a home seller will make no repairs. Most homebuyers will include a contingency in the contract that allows them to do a professional home inspection by the home inspector of their choice. This inspection typically happens right after the sales price has been agreed to, usually within a week or 10 days. If the home inspector finds anything wrong in the property or decides further inspections are called for the home buyer will be able to hire a speacailist to figure out if there is an insurmountable physical problem with the property. Assuming those inspections go well, the second opportunity to inspect the property is just before the property closes. What your looking for is not the same level as the initial profesional home inspection. In a pre closing inspection, you simply want to make sure the property is in the same condition it was on the day you agreed to buy it. for more information call “Team Elite” at 925 392-4131