Common Short Sale Questions for Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Tracy, Stockton, Oakley & Antioch

How Will the Short Sale Process be Different for a PSC Graduate?

Lenders are not required to accept short sale payoffs. Since a short sale payoff is discounted, the transaction will usually be achieved due to the knowledge, skill, and work of the real estate professional. A short sale is accomplished by careful communication with a bank’s loss mitigation department. Taking this course and investing the time to become a Pre-Foreclosure Specialist Certified agent will enable you to identify and work through the unique obstacles that are associated with the short sale negotiations.

Why Would A Homeowner Choose a Short Sale?

A short sale is usually chosen in order to prevent foreclosure. If financial hardship or other circumstances arise, homeowners may not be able to keep their loans current, and eventually their homes will go into foreclosure. The homeowner often wants to avoid foreclosure on their credit history. With a short sale, the homeowner may also be able to resolve the monetary deficiency that goes with a discounted payoff.