City of Brentwood – Blending Old and New – Brentwood Real Estate

Brentwood was a farming community for much of the 19th century.  Founded in 1837 on a land grant, Brentwood real estate has moved into the 21st century with one foot still in its agricultural heritage and the other in an increasing urban sprawl.  Brentwood’s residential population experienced triple-digit growth during the 1990s, and another growth of 69% between 2000 and 2005.  Brentwood’s population as of 2014 is nearing 54,000 residents.

The City of Brentwood is located in the East Bay Area of northern California.  It is blessed with warm, sunny skies, a semi-arid climate, cooling Delta evening breezes, and temperate winters.   Summer temperatures can be high (lows in the 90s), which make those cool evening Delta breezes all the more welcome.  Winter lows are around the mid-50s with mild rainfall.

Mt. Diablo rises majestically about 15 miles from Brentwood.  The recreational waters of the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta area are just over an hour’s driving distance away.  The community of Brentwood boasts many parks and playgrounds; it also is surrounded by an extensive network of regional parks.

Brentwood residents who are not part of the agricultural industry typically commute to neighboring Bay Area communities.  Technical jobs and major research laboratories are nearby.  Brentwood is also served by an expanding transit system.  Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART – a heavy rail line) is nearing completion of an extension, located in nearby Antioch, that will give Brentwood residents easier transit access to San Francisco and Oakland.  The area also is served by the TriDelta Transit system that operates bus lines throughout the east county area.  ACE, the Altamont Commuter Express, is another commuter system that links nearby Stockton to Silicon Valley, Livermore, Pleasanton, Santa Clara, and San Jose (among other Greater Bay Area communities).

Like many other communities in the United States, Brentwood real estate experienced the pain of a depressed market during the recession.  Brentwood’s real estate bottomed out in 2012 with median sales prices dropping from $354,000 in 2008 (at the start of the recession) to $273,000.Today, the market is slowly and steadily improving.  The current median sales price is $415,000.  The housing market may soon become more competitive in 2014.  Housing inventories remain low and although there recently has been a slight dip in sales, Brentwood remains a definite seller’s market.

The majority of houses in Brentwood are single family dwellings (representing 82.2%); condominiums are the fewest dwelling options (1.4%); townhomes, duets, etc., comprise the remaining 16.4%. Housing prices range from $195,000 to $5,000,000.  Newer housing and neighborhoods are rather scattered across the community.

Brentwood is a family friendly community with a good public school system.  The city has a large population of college-educated adults and, interestingly, is said to have “more people living here (Brentwood) who work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the US.”

If you are planning to relocate to a family-friendly community with links to traditional agriculture and modern business and technology, consider the City of Brentwood.  Enjoy its seasonal festivals, bright warm summer days, its near proximity to other major Bay Area communities, and a generally relaxed old-new community lifestyle.  Your best Brentwood real estate opportunities might be happening right now.